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Project Description
This interop-lib is using the original Ogg Vorbis libraries written in C offered by Xiph.Org to encode and decode audio material to and from the Ogg Vorbis audio format. The interface is similar to the original libraries, except that no memory handling is needed.

This is project has been started 3 years ago on GotDotNet with the aim to use the original Ogg container and Vorbis encoder/decoder libraries (or the improved aoTuV version) in C#. There are also ports to Java and also C# around, but this project targets the usage of the original libs with a .NET wrapper.
This wrapper may also be extended for other Xiph codecs like theora or flac.

Other developers and interop specialists are welcome to join. I hope to release the first .NET 2.0 shortly - depending on my spare time...

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